Monday, May 4, 2015

Making of a Full House Goes #2: (FIRST TWO CHAPTERS INCLUDED)

In only 3 days, our new novel "The Making of a Full House" has gone to #2 on the Transgender Fiction charts on Amazon! I'm really hoping this book can hit #1, especially since our team seems to be one of only a VERY few amount of people releasing CLEAN TG fiction on there.

To celebrate, here are the first two chapters. Please support us by getting a copy on Amazon today!

Chapter 1:

“The ladies will definitely dig this place,” says Garrett raising his glass of Jameson before taking a small sip and indulging in the scent through the hairs of his mustache to his nose and tasteful flavor as it slips down his throat.

“Completely true,” responds Garrett’s long-time best friend, Kendall, who is sitting next to him on the massive brown leather sofa as they watch a film in the living room of their new rental house.  After three days of settling, all of them have unboxed everything they need to call their new pad a home.

“Shannon and Emily are really going to freak out when they see the hot tub on the patio,” he says referring to his girlfriend and her best friend who hung out all the time at his last place in State College before they moved to a community just one town over. Although it’s a little further from campus, all of the guys admitted the house was too good to pass on.

Kendall is most girls’ dream guy; handsome, muscular but not too overly built, well-groomed, and has great fashion-sense. His facial hair has grown over four days and usually keeps his beard very light. The hair on his head is a little longer than most guys in the graduate school Business department, but not nearly as long as when he used to play in Emo bands back in the day.

“Yeah speaking of which, when will I meet those girls?” says Marc sinking the solid scarlet seven ball on the Brunswick pool table. Garrett and Kendall met Marc through a craigslist posting. He is a well-mannered African-American male who is very muscular and about 6’3” tall and 250 lbs.

“Hopefully tomorrow. It’s been a while since I got some,” he replies to his new friend.

The fourth roommate James is kind of the black sheep of the group. He often times throws on the first shirt and shorts he sees and doesn’t care if it matches. He is kind-hearted but at times very emotional. Dark, hipster-style glasses, flannel shirts, moppy hair, and his signature Long Island accent are part of his trademarks.

“My girl is hopefully coming as well Marc,” replies Kendall after taking another swig of his drink. “You dating anyone right now James?”

"No, but I am talking to this girl I met like a year ago online. She is super hot but, lives far away unfortunately."

The other guys smile and do a small laugh at James’ comment, which makes them think he hasn’t gotten laid in a while. Both Garrett and Kendall have known James for about two years from around campus. Although they have somewhat different personalities, they have always gotten along and enjoyed hanging out around the bar scene.

Garrett and Kendall shared a small apartment for over a year prior to moving to this house. They both met at Inkk State as undergrads. Both of them decided to stay at the school for their graduate degrees with Garrett being accepted into law school and Kendall starting his MBA with focus in Marketing at Smealt. James is currently almost finished with his Masters in Music Education. Not happy with the situations at their prior places, they took the advice of friends and looked for a house rental outside of the general campus area since most housing in that market is overpriced for what it’s really worth.

To Kendall’s amazement, he found a four-bedroom house in a very well to-do neighborhood for rent by an agency. With one other person, the price would be less that what all three of their leases was combined, so they put out an ad for another roommate. Marc attends Inkk State as well in his last year studying a field within Genetic Science.

“Hey Kendall, do we have something to eat? I am hungry!” asks Garrett.

“Um, I think we have a frozen pizza, sorry you know I am no good at cooking.”

“Fine I guess that is good enough.”

James shoots his empty beer can into the trash can like a basketball and chalks his billiard stick as Marc finishes his drink. “Anyone else need a drink?” asks Marc as he heads into the kitchen that is adjoined by the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’ll take one,” says Kendall. 

“Another for me as well. Nice and strong!” says Garrett from the sofa raising his glass. 

James takes another shot on the pool table but misses, “FUCK!”

He looks over to see Marc is mixing an amalgam of Fireball, Jameson, pineapple juice and something out of a small bottle the size of a shot glass.

“What in the hell is that? Two kinds of whiskey?”

“Yeah, back with my old roommates we called it Crunk Bull,” he says passing James a glass. “Try some.”

As Marc gives Garrett and Kendall their drinks, James takes a swig. “Not bad actually but damn going from beer to that is a switch.”

Marc takes his drink as well and goes back to the pool table for his turn.

“Have you guys been to that new bar called One-Eye Pirate down on College Ave?” asks Garrett.

“I heard about that place the other day. Really good craft beer selection,” says Garrett.

“Do a lot of single women frequent there?” asks James.

“Dude, it’s right by the college. Every girl is single,” says Marc.

“Dude, girls go to clubs not bars! Girls like cocktails not beer, well at least most of them,” replies James.

They continued to play pool for a while and then finally Kendall came back into the room with the pizza. “Bon Appetit!” says Kendall.

“It is about time!” says Garrett.

Hours passed and the guys went through a case of beer and two bottles of Jameson. 

“Damn man I feel like shit!” says Kendall after his twelfth shot, “Night guys!”

Chapter 2: 

In the middle of the night, Kendall wakes up covered in his sweat. Tossing and turning, he feels although his body is in flames and throws his blue bed covers to the floor. Looking down, he can see his arms and legs are completely drenched in his perspiration. He wasn’t having a nightmare, so the feeling is confusing. This is the first time in months that he’s woken up during the middle of the night.

Sharp pain in his lower abdomen hits him with force, causing him to bend himself over into fetal position. He clenches his teeth and closes his eyes, then lets out a huge exhale of breath to relieve some of the agony. His stomach feels as if his internal organs are doing cartwheels. The pain moves from his stomach to his throat staying constant throughout his torso. He manages to get himself out of the bed and stumble his way into the bathroom which the next door down in the hallway and across from Garrett’s room.

He flips the light switch on and begins to gag. He bends down over the toilet dry heaving a few times before he finally pukes. After he vomited for what felt like an eternity, he heads over to the sink and turns the water faucet knob all the way to the right to try to cool himself off. As he rubs his face down with cool water, he notices that his face feels smoother than he remembered. Especially since he didn’t shave before going to sleep.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he sees that his beard is gone. He is confused and figures he must have done it randomly if we went to urinate during the night. He tries to head back to his bed, but the moment he takes another step towards the bedroom the pain shoots back up his spine. He grabs his back in agony throwing himself forwards in backwards. The pain finally subsides but when he looks back up to the mirror he notices that his reflection is shorter than just a moment ago.

“What the fuccc…” Kendall mutters as he notices how raspy and diluted his voice sounds. He thinks to himself, ‘Geez, how fucked up did I get last night?’

Grabbing his throat to massage it a little, his Adam’s Apple regresses itself into his neckline. His head still spinning, he sees parts of his face start to shift itself and become blurry in the mirror. He splashes more cold water onto his face in hope of waking up more and coming back to reality. Instead, his cheekbones start to expand and his lips become fuller. Skin around his eyes begins to slightly wrinkle, giving him agile crow’s feet.

The sweat on his legs evaporates with the hair that used to be on them. It looks like he just shaved his legs with satin foam, yet he has never shaved any part of his body before other than his face with the occasional trimming of his pubic hair. Since he is wearing plaid boxers, he can’t see that most of his public hair has disappeared as well.

His newly hairless legs begin to ache closer up to his hips. Even though he is shorter by about five inches now, his legs stay the same length and decrease in mass. The aching pain sinks down to his size 11 feet. He falls to the ground in agony and as he grabs at his feet they begin to contract down to a few sizes to fit his transforming body. His toes feel like needles are coming out of them as nail polish is added.

Laying on the bathroom floor in agony, Kendall stays there motionless as other transformations to face begin. His jawline becomes thinner and his eye lashes become fuller. He hears a crack in his nose as it throbs in agony as it begins to narrow and shrink upwards slightly. The bridge of his nose straightens up from where it broke in high school from playing lacrosse. His bushy eyebrows that he had not shaved his entire life begin thinning out on the outside edges as they begin to form a feminine arch.

Still slightly unconscious, Kendall squirms around the floor a little trying to balance himself to stand up with his right hand which is now much less defined with added french tips. Unable to get up, he falls on his back. There is a throbbing feeling on his chest as two D-cup breast slowly creep their way to the point where his new larger nipples are poking out of his white shirt. He can feel the new weight of his newly acquired feminine assets and manages to croak out a few words.


Before he can investigate anything with his hands, pain shots through his shoulders. Once muscular broad shoulders contract to a more feminine frame. As he continues to writhe in agony he watches helplessly as his toned arms become slender matching his rapidly changing body. Suddenly though everything went dark for a moment and he thinks optimistically for a second that it all is some crazy nightmare, but then to his horror he realizes that it was just his new long wavy blonde hair!

Although late at night, the new hair seems to look perfect. He pulls on it, which only makes it grow more with the movements of his hands until it comes down to a little above his new bustline. He clenches his eyes together and finally regains the strength to stand up after composing himself a little bit. The blurriness of the mirror fades away so that he can see his new reflection.

Just as Kendall thought the pain is over, his hips begin to throbbing. He hears the cracking of his hip bone as his hips became wider, forming the second part of the hourglass figure. Just as they stopped expanding the, elastic in his boxers breaks.

After ten nasty contractions he looks down at his body in disgust. ‘I basically have an hourglass figure now!’ he thinks to himself.

“OH MY GOD! WHEN WILL THIS END!” he yells in a surprisingly feminine voice, “Oh fuck me, I don’t even have my voice anymore!”

The girl Kendall sees in the mirror looks like a MILF model with her huge breasts and bombshell blonde hair. She looks to be a few years older than his previous age. Maybe middle to late 30’s although she has very clear skin and only slight signs of aging around her eyes. He places his hands on his breasts to feel them and squeezes them hoping to wake up from this nightmare. He can feel the sensation of his hands touching himself and is mortified.

His white t-shirt begins to lengthen downwards until it reaches a quarter of the way down his new curvaceous thighs. He begins to feel the smoothness of the fabric rubbing against his softer skin and it sends chills down his spine along with giving him goosebumps. The sensation of his shirt feels good, more than he wishes it does, and as he runs his hands down the newly formed nightie, the color of his old shirt begins to give way to a light pink. 

“Fuck it, this just keeps getting better and better!” says Kendall with a high level of sarcasm.

The worst is yet to come as a similarly smooth sensation around his penis starts to happen. He can feel his rough boxers becoming more of a silky material, just like his shirt. His boxers begin shrinking and giving him a wedgie as the boxers now become a pair of snug bikini cut panties. His gray boxers have now become a matching pink to his nightie with black trim along the top band and two black lines going down the middle of each leg with a little black bow in the middle.

With anticipation, Kendall reaches his right hand under his night gown and girly pink panties to feel what’s down there. He lets out a sign of relief after feeling his dick and testicles, even though they are squeezed tightly together because of the tight panties he’s now wearing. While they are in his hand, his mood changes as his testicles regress in size and his dick starts to shrivel in his palm. He cups them tighter only to feel his manhood slither away. There are other changes that he can’t see. Inside of his body, a uterus is forming along with his testicles becoming his new ovaries and other female organs that are appropriate for his body now. Suddenly, he feels his penis wither away turning into a clitoris.

“FUCK THIS SHIT! No, no, no, no, no, no, noooooo! I’m not going to be a FUCKING GIRL!” yells Kendall in his new feminine voice. “Why me, why am I losing my manhood!” he starts crying.

He pushes against his butt, hoping trying to cling to his last resemblance of the old him, but he cannot stop as his muscular butt loses definition and begins rounding out. Then he feels as the swelling begins and his butt begins filling his hands until he can no longer cup his butt. Kendall is officially 100% female now.

Kendall bends over the bathroom sink as the final transformation to HER butt takes place. It expands a tad leaving something to grab. Her tight panties show a lot of the cheek although it’s hidden by the length of her nightgown. She rubs her eyes again and debates on what to do.

Unfortunately for Kendall, she now has to deal with more than physical changes as she is now more emotionally due to not only the drastic change in lifestyle, but always her hormonal levels. She starts getting teary eyed and scared of what has happened to HER. Panicking, she waves her hands around and runs out the door to Garrett’s room hoping someone can help with the situation.


Garrett awakes and gets out from his sheets. Kendall notices he looks about ten to fifteen years older.

“Woah, who the hell are you?”

Kendall bends over with her hands clasps together, “Something is really wrong here!”

“Um, yeah how can I help you!”

“It’s Kendall you idiot! You’ve changed as well, come!” she says grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out of the bed to the bathroom.

Although slightly out of it, Garrett can’t help but think the woman who trespassed into his bedroom is extremely hot and fuckable, although she looks a little older than what he’s used to. Once in the bathroom he stumbles into her and notices how soft her skin is. His excitement ends as he sees that he has been transformed as well, although not into a girl. 

Garrett’s facial hair has a slight grayness to it in some areas. He has gained some muscle mass and looks like he is about ten years older than he was earlier in the night.

“What the fuck…”

“Why didn’t you change into a girl!”

“This has to be a joke…” Garrett says as he feels the lower part of his face.

“Trust me, this is NO joke. I felt like shit and got up to use the bathroom and then this happened!”

“This bathroom looks different…”

“That’s the least of my concerns right now!” nags Kendall. “I have boobs and look like a fucking trophy wife.”

“What about James and Marc?”

The new husband and wife make their way down the hall and are shocked to see James’ door now has a few decorations on the outside of it including a sign that says, ‘Our lives are in the star.’

Garrett loudly knocks on the door, “James! Wake up. It’s an emergency!”

There is no answer, but they suddenly see a flash of light from the crack beneath the door. Garrett knocks again, “James! Do you hear me?”

“Don’t come in!” they hear James say with his signature accent.

Kendall looks at Garrett with a questionable reaction.

“Are you okay?” asks Garrett from behind the door.

Suddenly, they hear James scream.

Garrett forcefully puts his hand on the doorknob and turns it bursting into the room with Kendall following behind him. They see James with half of his body on his bed and dark brown hair growingly rapidly from his head.

“James!” Kendall yells.

James thinks for a moment, ‘Why is there a girl coming into my room?’ But is too focused on his own transformation to care right now.

He rolls over and they notice that his facial features are changing. His 20-something male face is transforming by the acquisition of higher cheekbones and a more narrow nose. From what they can see, he is turning into a young girl. 

“Holy shit!” says Garrett. He is unsure of whether to approach him or not and fears touching him may be harmful. 

Kendall screams, “THIS IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!!” and grabs her hair.

Garrett is left with no Adam’s apple and hair down to his nipples. He clenches his teeth in pain as several of his bones start reshaping themselves to form a new shorter figure. He is wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

The other two notice that his leg hair is fading away and his hands are becoming more slender with diminishing nail polish on the finger tips.

Garrett screams, “This is fucked up!”

James feels a sharp pain hit his penis. He screams and his voice changes into that of a teenage girl. The shaft of his penis starts to slowly regress itself into his body as his testicles go down in size leaving his scrotum to look as through he has just been castrated. The entire genital region becoming tinier and eventually forms his new vagina which has no pubic hair around it. 

Suddenly, his boxers turn into a black pair of boy short panties with the pink writing, ‘HOT STUFF.’ His new ass is much smaller and tighter although sticks out of his boy shorts slightly. 

His torso begins to change as he loses all chest hair and frame becomes much slimmer, leaving him now at around 105lbs. 

No bra forms, but cells manipulate to help him gain breast tissue and his nipples enlarge slightly. At the end of his chest transformation, he now is stuck with 32C cup breasts.

His shirt changes into a shirt much more suitable for nighttime wear… if you are a teenage girl. The pain stops as James is left in his new body. He starts panting on his bed with his eyes closes.

Garrett and James approach him and touch him.

“James, are you alive?!” Kendall asks.

From his new full lips, he responds, “… Yeah…”

Garrett chimes in, “I don’t know what the fuck is going on but this is some freaky shit!”

“You are telling us!” says Kendall, unhappy that Garrett still has his cock.

“Why do I feel so different and sound like this!” James says panicking.

Kendall tries to be sincere, “You look like you are a teenage girl…”

James starts crying. Kendall rubs her hand on HER back while Garrett gets off the bed and explorers the newly transformed room. He first goes to the dresser which has a ton of jewelry on top with a few pictures. The first he sees is a photo of what James looks like now with HER arms around a girl of the same age. It reads ‘Hannah and Allie. Besties forever.”

“What the hell,” says Garrett. “Kendall, did you check anything else around the house yet?”

“NO! I had other things to worry about!” she bickers.

“I wonder if your name has changed. This photo says Hannah and Allie, I wonder if that’s who James is right now.”

“NOOOOO!” says James still crying.

“Wait… MARC!”

He turns down to hall towards Marc’s room as Kendall picks up James from the bed and gets him to his feet. Garrett notices that Marc’s door has decorations on it but ignores them bursting in. He turns on the light switch and is shocked that the room has pink pastel colors with fairy lights on the ceiling. There is a large, expensive dollhouse on top of the dresser along with pink bed sheets with a girl of about 11 years old with long dirty blonde curly hair sleeping. Above the bed is a block hanging with the letters ‘M-A-D-D-I-E.’

“Wake up! It’s an emergency!”

The tween girl rolls over and rubs her eyes, “Five more minutes…”

“NO! Seriously, wake up!” Garrett yells.

“What’s wrong Daddy?”

“WHAT THE FU….” Garrett stops himself, suddenly feeling wrong cursing for some reason.

“Oh my god!” Kendall yells coming into the room with James’ feminized body.

“I can’t see very well!” complains James.

“Is there a fire or something,” the little girl asks.

“Are you serious?!” Do you know what’s wrong?”

“NO! Why… Everyone is here… You, Mom, and Hannah.”

The group stands speechless. 

“What was I just called?” asks James.

“Marc, some really freaky stuff is happening in this house!” says Kendall.

“Why did you just call me Marc Mom?” 

“Cause that’s your name?”

“Haha, this must be a joke. I’m MADDIE, your little princess!” she says with an award-winning smile.

“That’s it, meeting downstairs RIGHT NOW,” says Garrett.

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