Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Move

Lindsey is somewhat depressed about her family’s move across the state, but knows they did it for the better. She’s not only unhappy about leaving her old friends behind, but also the fact that she now has to start over as a girl!

Leon was a trouble maker and had a 1.9 GPA his senior year. Barely able to graduate, his parents knew his life wasn’t going anywhere so decided it was best to have a fresh start by moving and having him start high school over again as a girl.

He cried for many nights after the multiple surgies and learning how to act feminine. Over the past few weeks though, he has come to terms with the transition and knows it’s all for a fresh start. 

Now, he must make a decision on what kind of lifestyle he will take. Especially since he is now expected to be a proper good girl.

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