Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dry Spell

While looking through some photo ideas, I found this pic AS IS. I'm not sure who made this (probably one of the girls) but it makes your imagination work in TG Land...

I've been very unmotivated lately when it comes to cap making. Not sure if it's because I've been doing it for so long or because I'm now focused on bigger story ideas with novel writing. Maybe a combination of both. So I think it's time to open the floor up to a few requests now!

In order news, our new story "The Sissy Next Door" is available for pre-order now. It's going to drop June 1st on Amazon:

If you have bought ANY of our books in the past, please be sure to review. I've noticed a few people criticize yes for not having a lot of sex in our books, not knowing that we have always specialized in the fantasy of gender transformation more than over the top graphic sex scenes.

Please message me on Twitter if you are looking for somewhere to post your caps. This blog gets thousands of hits a day. I want to rebuild the team here since for many factors, it's just me and Hammster posting right now!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend in America! I've been extremely busy so hoping to start fresh come next week and post some new things. 

Since it may be a few days before I update, here's what else is going on:

a) Working on a good ole fashioned Prom story right now with some majors twists
b) Doing a collaborative book series based on Haylee's TG Mall Series
c) Trying to get in touch from some amazing TG authors from years past about re-releasing material!


Danyelle TS in FL said...

I've really enjoyed all of your stories so far and can't wait to read this latest one. I also look forward to reading your series based on the TG Mall. I really enjoy both yours and Haylee's work. I wish I had the ability to help you with making caps, but my talent lays more in with longer stories. I've tried to make a few caps based in one of my universes but just never seemed enjoy them as much as my full stories. Please keep the good stories coming.

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