Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Story Released: The Making of a Full House

Haylee and I have been working on this book for the last few months and I'm really happy that we are able to get it back before she goes abroad! We wanted to do a multiple transformation story and incorporate some sweet/sentimental elements, so what better way to do it than a good ole fashioned family TG story!

Keywords: transgender, science fiction, age progression, age regression, magic transformation?, hormones, chemical, teen, MILF, trophy wife, family, fancy dress, memory loss, cheerleader, gymnasts, dance, personality change. 

Notice: No graphic sex scenes, but implied situations. Some vivid descriptions of transformation and anatomy with light profanity. PG-13 Rating. 

Graduate students Garrett and Kendall have been best friends for years. Once they find a great house to rent near campus, they recruit their friend James to go in with them on the house and find a guy online named Marc to go in on the lease. Strange things happen a few days after they move in as Kendall is transformed into a successful career woman, James becomes a teenage cheerleader, and Marc goes from being a built African-American athlete to a tween girl who loves gymnastics! 

The family struggles to deal with not only finding a way to switch back, but also new jobs, schools, and for some of them; memory loss. Can they find a way to change back before it’s too late?

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