Monday, August 3, 2015

A Night to Remember

I have a few things to tell all of you in this post. I tried a new style of capping here. I wrote right on the picture instead of writing to the side of it. I'm not sure whether I like this style more than my old style or not. Of course I can keep doing both, but I'm here for all of my fans, so if you all prefer one style over the other then I can focus on one particular style and only use the other occasionally. Make sure that you comment to let me know which one you like. Also, I'm going on vacation soon so I might be gone for a little bit. But don't worry, I'll probably only stop capping for two weeks or so. I hope you've all forgiven me for my absence. Also, tell me which of the three caps was your favorite. Love you all! XOXO

- April
Zfusion said...

I loved them all. Your caps are great April you deserve a break.
- zoey

edward findlay said...

Can't wait for the prom captions. Love the caption and the picture!

Regarding the caption style: Words on top of the picture is hit/miss. It all depends on the background. If there is a lot of dark colors behind the words it can make them harder to read, if there is a contrast to the letters so that there is less clashing it works out better. You have a little of both, on the left it's a little harder to read the caption due to the darker tall grass but on the right you have lighter grass which gives it a little more easiness to the read. Maybe darkening the letters so they stand out more would help a little.
Keep experimenting and you might find your balance, if it doesn't work at least you have your old style on the side captioning which was perfectly fine without many problems.

csquire667 said...

I 💖💖💖 love the dance cap

Anonymous said...

You're right. I will be using both styles in the future, so a lot of my decisions will be trial and error. I'm still trying to settle on a style to call my own. Btw, I realized that you commented on all three caps. Thanks for being an involved viewer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zoey. I'll definitely enjoy myself

Anonymous said...

That seems to be the most popular one. I'm glad you like it!

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