Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to School Sale on Dorm Room Secrets!

To celebrate back to school time, we've decided to put our only book that takes place primarily at college on sale! The original price of Dorm Room Secrets was $9.95 but it's now on sale for $2.99 until Labor Day!


Keywords: transgender, lesbian, college, teen, crossdressing, surgery, forced, yoga pants, fancy dress, Halloween, French maid, oral. 

Kenneth is excited to get an acceptance letter from his dream college, but is disappointed that it has been addressed to a girl! His parents assure him it’s a mistake, but he’s in for a surprise when he’s later walking around campus wearing yoga pants and a bra! Throughout the ordeal, “Kaitlyn” must keep it a secret from HER roommate, friends back home, and new friends she makes around campus. 

Warning: Contains a few fictional sexual situations with consenting individuals. Lesbian sex scene is limited. Adult readers only!

This book was written with Claire. Even though it was released in April 2015, we had been working on it since August 2014 so this also celebrates the 1st anniversary of its conception! We've had many people tell us it's their favorite and one of the best. There haven't been too many good TG fiction stories that are realistic for college in recent years so figured we would try our hands at it! Enjoy!
Anonymous said...

If I don't have a kindle how can I read the book?

Courtney Captisa said...

There's a free cloud reader on Amazon as well as plenty of other free readers for PC/Mac/Tablets/Phones etc.

Karin said...

I just finished reading this. What a great story! The description of the change the her(oine) undergoes are nicely laid out and the plot twists keep you wondering. Can't wait to read your next story

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