Friday, April 29, 2016

Based on an Upcoming Story: TG Mall: The Prom Changing Room

TG Mall has a long history.  Hayley created the universe and we had two book releases of it. She went on hiatus and I started writing a third book however stopped after a few chapters to focus on other projects. I spoke with Hayley the other night and she is continuing a break until further notice.

I saw a YouTube video a few years ago of a girl who dares some guy to try on a prom dress in a store and it triggered an idea of when I was thinking of prom stories for this season. The TG Mall universe would work very well for this one.

This cap is based directly on my story idea. Hunter and Hannah are teen siblings who are dropped off at the mall by their mom and have some time to kill. After going their separate ways, he texts his sister and finds out she's at a prom dress store looking at dresses. When he arrives there, she dares him to try on a dress, which he does. One of the managers on duty sees this and gets pissed, then talks him into trying on another dress. He gradually becomes more feminized with each dress he tries on and his sister seems to be the only person who notices the changes as his memory quickly fades away!

There's also a special surprise with this story that I'll be happy to share next week.

What do you think?!

These prom stories may be delayed a bit. I was hoping to get one released this weekend but it's just not happening. This will more likely be middle-May releases. The other story for Prom this year is "PROMised" and is a story about a group of male friends. One of them wants to go to prom a lot more than the others and is disappointed that his date suddenly has to move away. One of the other guys promises to help him find another date. After a certain event, he starts transforming into a girl! Friend needs a date to prom and a guy takes the place of a girl? Yes, I realize this plot has been done 4,752,345 times in TG Land but this story is different. There are many twists involved and the main character is intelligent and actually tries multiple ways to change back rather than just accepting things and going all-out girl.

In the meantime, you can check out our Mother's Day Book: Son to Daughter: A Special Mother's Day Gift. It's on pre-sale right now and will be released May 1st in time for the week of Mother's Day here in America.

I'm excited about this book because we completely changed our writing style for this one. It's written from the POV of the mother. While the writing style changed, our signature themes remain. It's a sweet story but also has a very dark elements and a few scenes of humiliation. There is age play involved and while playing the role of a young girl, finds out his ex-girlfriend is now going to be his babysitter! Much fun to come.


Karl Llewellyn said...

I wish this had happened to me

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