Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prom Shop

“I can’t believe it worked Courtney! You were right! As soon as I brought that perfume home from that store in the mall and sprayed it on myself, I started turning into a girl!”

“That’s great! That dress looks perfect on you. Fits your body very well.”

“Yeah, it was a little weird like having my face change, growing boobs, hips, a booty, and you know... that thing down there changing.”

“What did your parents say?”

“They acted like I’ve always been a girl! My room changed and everything. Apparently I’m a cheerleader as a girl as well!”

“Oh wow, that’s crazy but YES! You are going to have so much fun being a girl. My cousin is looking forward to being your prom date.”

“Eh, I’m still not sure about dating boys.”

“Have fun with it!”

“I guess you are right. This will wear off by midnight and then I’ll be back to my normal life.”

“That’s if what he that guy said at the store is true...”

“What do you mean IF?!?!”
Sara J. said...

i'm not really a big fan of magic caps, but it was still enjoyable and it was a cute picture

Anonymous said...

Loved it! Prom is such a magical time of year :3 ~DAGS

Anonymous said...

Great cap and pic Courtney!!!!!! Would love to see more and by the way, where can I get this perfume?

firegirl0921 said...

I would like to see what hapens

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