Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Books Coming Soon and Flashback Cap

We've been very busy here writing and making new content! I'm excited to announce we have a Mother's Day story coming out! It's available as pre-sale right now and will be on Amazon May 1st. I'm also working on two prom stories for this season.

This Mother's Day story was VERY loosely based on a cap I did years ago:

Thoughts raced through my head when I first discovered my teen son, Connor, was crossdressing. He was embarrassed, but I encouraged him by letting him know it was okay and even started buying him girl clothes. Something about shopping for him enticed me, filling the void I had since he was my only child and I always wanted a daughter. 

Mother’s Day that year changed my and, more importantly, my son’s life forever. Being a nice boy and more comfortable with crossdressing, he decided to go to a salon, got a manicure, and told me he would give me the gift I really wanted for the holiday. A day with a daughter! 

This is the story of life with my feminized son. Mother’s Day was only the start as we both decided it would be fun to experience all parts of raising him as a girl, from the very beginning. Going from a diapered baby that loves her stuffed animals, to pre-teen ballerina that wears only the cutest tutus, and then having a princess themed Sweet Sixteen for “Caitlyn.” 

However, this didn’t happen without certain struggles along the way. Which is usually the case when raising girls. 

Connor/Caitlyn's Mother 

Word Count: 11,000+ 

Keywords: transgender, crossdressing, age regression, ballet, adult baby, make over, bikini. 

Tags: Appliances Attached, Breast Implants, Bridesmaid, Castration, Costumes, Diapers or Little Girls, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Long Finger Nails, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl, Swimsuit, Accidental Change, Age Regression, Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Cultural Change, Real Life Situation, School Girl, Seasonal, Slow Transformation, Sweet/Sentimental, The Operation, Transitioning, Voluntary. 

Warning: No sex scenes, but does involve some forced age-play. If you aren’t into this, move along honey.

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