Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Book is OUT: Bet I Can Feminize My Brother... TOO!



After nearly 6 months of working on this project, Claire and I have finally finished the sequel to "Bet I Can Feminize My Brother!"

This version features the same characters from the original story, but this time they are forced to enter a REAL beauty pageant for genetic girls that the feminized boys THINK is a womanless pageant. Their sisters really want their passing to be 100%, which means forcing them to wear their panties more often I guess.

I do think this story is better than the original. It's also about 6,000 words longer than the first book! Let me know what you think once you read it by leaving a review! The original hit #1 on the Amazon TG chart so I wold love for this to do the same!

Some boys think the days of being forced to wear their sister’s panties under their ball gowns are over, however the nightmare of forced feminization has just begun! 

After the events of “Bet I Can Feminize My Brother!” the sisters decide to place a new bet, this time with a new wager and circumstances. The real challenge will be entering boys into a real beauty pageant meant for girls that they tell their brothers is womanless! How long will it take before one of these sissies is spotted as being a boy in an all-‘girl’ pageant? 

Word Count: 20,000+ 

Keywords: transgender, crossdressing, pageant, womanless, sister’s panties, forced 

Sara J. said...

I just read it today, it was just as enjoyable if not more then the original.
Glad to see you are making caps again

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