Monday, April 18, 2016

Boys will be girls: shoutout!


Me and Courtney constantly get messages about helping boys feminize themselves whether it's advice or actively meeting them and helping. So I figured I would link this amazing site that specialises in just that!

Sadly only for us UK girls (unless you want to travel) you can have a professional makeover and depending on what you want have a variety of things (shopping trip/photo shoot). I thoroughly recommend them for any guys that don't have access to many clothes, wigs and make up. But even If you do you can always learn tips and tricks from a professional.

Obviously it can't be free after all every company needs to make money, but for a reasonable price you can have a great night/day to remember!

P.S: This isn't paid advertisement in any way, I've just had a few friends that have had shoots here and they loved it so I figured I'd share!

P.S.S: Might be making this a regular thing to do every few weeks or so a shoutout/link to the best TG related sites/blogs etc.

helpboy3000 said...

American location please?!

Anonymous said...

yes we need you in America!

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