Friday, May 3, 2013

Belle of The Prom (Based on a True Story)

Belle told me that she went into Sephora for a make-up application last week and one of the employees said she can wear one of her old prom dresses! Who said GGs don't like crossdressers? I'm hoping to get pics of this soon!

Made this cap based on it!

"There was no dance, hot date, or limo tonight, but Belle was still in heaven having the time of his life.

He had been visiting Sephora regularly  for months to get makeovers and was fortunate enough that one of the  girls gave him her old prom dress.

Belle was going to share the photo online as inspiration to other crossdressers. He knew more needed to go in public. "

Supergirl10000 said...

This is awesome and would love to see the real pic!

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