Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Claire Returns... ? (Multiple Caps)

"Nothing to do with this post...but it's very me!" - Courtney Captisa
Claire and I have been speaking again lately through Skype. It happened when some mutual friends asked about her, although I had deleted her and she had deleted everyone and suspended her blogger account. She hasn't capped at all since our falling out, however she sent me some AMAZING photos to cap the other night.

Well I capped them and sent them to her, she came back saying they were horrible....which I disagreed with! I basically told the little bitch that if she thought she could do better, SHE SHOULD CAP THEM and send to me to post on the blog. After some convincing.....'s what she came up with:

Not too shabby. We had similar "plots." Basically there were about 6 caps total that I made from pics she sent. The rule is that she has to create a "better" cap to them or I post mine! Be on the look out!


  1. I want everybody to get along!!! . . . but, for some weird reason, I love when girls use the word "bitch". It doesn't have to be out of anger though.

  2. It's a great rule of yours Courtney!

  3. Think I might have to start saying I'm Lactose Intolerant.

  4. love you both so much! been reading for years and i'm just starting to dress and take pics! thank you both for being awesome <33


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