Saturday, May 4, 2013

Forced Feminization Prom Cap

What would Prom Week 2013 be without a good ole fashioned forced feminization? Simple plot, nothing fancy (other than HIS dress....)

"I changed my mind. I don't want to do this Courtney"

"It's a little too late for that now isn't it?"

"But he's going to find out and I feel like an idiot dressed like this. Dress is WAY too tight and the thong feels weird."

"You know what. I really don't care. He wouldn't have asked you out unless he thought you looked pretty from those pictures. I suggest you follow my orders unless you WANT people to know."

"Yes Miss Courtney..."


  1. Amazing and cute if a little mean. ; ) Why do you think G-Girls like the idea of forcing boys into feminization?

    1. Hey!

      Sorry I didn't respond to your other posts asking that question.

      For a lot of us, gender transformation is a subset of a bigger interest. For instance, personally...I'm into other types of transformations other than gender. Age Regression and Culture Change are the big ones. I like seeing people lose control of the situation they are in and how they have to adapt to it.

  2. How can I find a girl who would be interested in a boy they can force feminize?

    1. If I had the time Chrissy, I turn you into a pretty little girl like toddlers and tiaras enter you in the beauty Pageant? Don't think I won't ! First things a beauty shop full waxing everything off, nice baby girl smooth skin! And a baby food diet. No people food baby food or punishment will be used on you in public places! Like the ladies room you naked with lots of women inside plus your handcuffed too!

  3. Love this cap! Have you ever thought of doing a caption series with a real live forced fem or blackmail story behind it? Would be fun to read!

  4. Wish you could have done that to me

  5. geeze, it's true, I LOVE that dress......


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