Monday, May 6, 2013

Borrowed Dress

“Your sister's dress looks really hot on you. I would seriously take you to prom if you were a girl."

“I know it started as a joke, but the more I dress in her stuff, the more I think about being a girl all the time...”


  1. It's a great dress and she looks great in it. Wouldn't anyone spending more time in her sisters stuff start thinking about being a girl all the time as it's such a marvellous thing to be?

  2. anyone looking this great needs to be a girl!!!!! otherwise, their looks are wasted on just being a guy.....

  3. She looks adorable in that cute dress. She was meant to be a girl. Thanks for this fun cap.

  4. Ginger sissy
    I love it you look Fantastic!! You go the prom gurl.


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