Saturday, May 18, 2013

Country/Small Town Week CANCELLED

I really thought that Country/Small Town/Redneck week would be a great idea. I know this blog has a very large following in the 'Merican Midwest and in the Bible Belt. Unfortunately the team just couldn't find that great of models or plot ideas. Most of the photos we found were of girls who were overweight and poorly dressed. Here are some of our rejected photos we came across:

On the plus side, this is the blogs 500th post! We'll be back Monday with some new designs.


  1. Hey Courtney,
    You tried!!!!! But country is pretty much what you found it to be. Oh there is the farmers daughter if you can find the right pic!!!! Maybe go to girls of the south! Lots of good examples in Alabamba at U of A!!!!!
    Congrats on #500!!!! May one day this week we all wake up with vaginas!!!!!

    1. Hopefully only ONE vagina per person though!

  2. Courtney... that's the best you could find? I'm beginning to doubt your googling skills...

    1. It's kind of like the Hot Girl + Glasses = Nerd syndrome. I found pics of "country girls" but they were basically Hollywood models who think a cowboy hat and flannel shirt make them country girls. That doesn't count!


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