Sunday, May 5, 2013

Courtney's Prom (Age Regression Cap)

 Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! I'm about to go celebrate by drinking more!

Sundays are the slowest day for this blog, so I decided that they will be reserved for experimental caps. This one is a non-TG/age regression cap featuring yours truly!

This cap was inspired by a Facebook post I saw the other night from a girl I graduated high school with. Our hometown's prom happened and she said she wished she could go again. I actually never went to my junior or senior prom. I'm from a small town and the male population at the high school was 60% rednecks/39% drug dealers/potheads. I got asked my senior year by a friend of my cousin's, but declined after I found out the only reason he asked me was because his girlfriend was going with someone else and they wanted to be there! (Ugh, high school drama!)

Doesn't really bother me since I'm a little anti-tradition, but I do like the idea of becoming younger!

"Contributor" Jack makes a cameo in this one. I wanted a bit of mystery, so decided to go with a look like this so you can guess what my dress looks like... use your imagination!
"You look stunning Courtney. You really look 10 years younger.."

"Thanks Jack, my little friends are ehlping me get in and I even have a date with some 18 year old boy."

"Even though he's of age, I want you to be careful. Wouldn't be good to get pregnant by a boy who just lost his virginity."

" you ARE sounding protective.. Oh and thanks for paying for all of this for me. Do you want to pretend you are my Daddy tonight?"
Joanne Chan said...

Nice interesting subject for a cappie, Miss Courtney and I'm sure there's a fair number of your readers who'd like to go back attending their schools prom.
Regards Jo.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I never went to my prom either....girls didn't like nice guys

Anonymous said...

Courtney - You are so pretty. I'm sure all of the boys in any high school would want to go on a date with you. Too bad you grew up in small town in "Merlin".

Courtney Captisa said...

Thanks, I try to be different and creative!

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