Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Based on a True Story: Tough Decisions

I really am struggling with what I truly want in my life, and even though I never can seem to truly forget crossdressing I always feel like I never will do it again. I am just so afraid of so much, the ridicule(from both family and strangers). I don't have a feminine frame and I feel like even if I had the determination to work hard, I would never have a feminine physique. This cap is very emotional for me because I don't know what to do with my life. I don't want to lose my family that I love, but I also don't want to hurt you girls who love to read my caps. Any who, enough of my sob story, I hope you girls enjoy.

-xoxo Haylee


  1. we love you haylee we all feel like that from time to time : /

  2. Love you too Haley! Just know you don't need to look anything like a woman to wear and look great wearing cute dresses and skirts! I do regularly. I run a blog about it, but I'd rather not post that here. Do you have an email I can send you a link to? Maybe seeing how I compensate for my jealousy of the girls who just take their beauty and clothes for granted can give you some new ideas! -DAGS

    1. Thanks for your compassion DAGS, I will keep it in mind but I am also quite private and I do not just want to post my email here.

    2. I passed it on through Courtney's email, hopefully it reaches you! -DAGS


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