Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clean Sweep

I'm trying to get ahead of myself with cap making and am opening the floor back open to requests. You can make a requested cap by either replying to this post, Skype me at courtney.captisa or Kik me at CourtneyCaptisa.

Mostly looking for situation/method requests. Due to quality control, I do NOT accept photo submissions.

Also Claire and I are back working on our 3rd Anniversary Cap Extravaganza but it may be delayed for technical reasons.

In order words, get ready for a lot of content!


  1. How about a cocky football player is driving home in full uniform...and breaks down in the rival town after or before the big game. Some people decide to take out their frustrations by giving the new her lots of "school spirit" for their school...

  2. i like that idea lil Ash, start out with picture of the athlete and he has a bet with other team star player and loser dresses as female for the big dance. the loser likes it so much he transfers to his rival school, where he now is the head cheerleader who also is the welcuming committee

  3. That sounds good taking in school transformation and being sporty.

  4. A mom loses a bet with a friend where her son must accompany her friend's gay son in a date, so now the mom must get her "little girl" ready for her first date.

    1. I'm a little confused. So you mean her friend wants her gay son to start dating girls or they want him to have a male partner, but needs to be disguised as girl?

    2. Male partner disguised as a girl... But the other one works too.

  5. winter vacation caps. Either snow, skiing, ice skating, could be competition based. Or cold weather vacationers travelling down south to Disney, Universal, the beach, etc etc.


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