Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good Neighbors

Dear loyal fans of Courtney's Clean Caps,

My name is April, and I am a new cap artist for this website. I am a boy, but when Courtney was impressed by my caps, she rewarded me with a name that suited me so much more. I am excited to be a part of this website and I look forward to improving as an artist in any way I can. So leave feedback! I'd love to hear what you have to say about my caps. I'm thinking about starting a series, but I don't have any concrete ideas yet. If there are any series or just regular caps that you would like to see, leave a comment and I will try to make you happy. You can privately email me at if you commenting isn't for you. Feel free to email even if you don't have any suggestions for my caps. I'd love to just talk with fans and get to know each of you better! I'm very social and I love it whenever fans contact me. I hope I can make this website a better experience for all of you.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I get to be the first comment on the new kid :D
Classic! Can't wait to see what you come up with! We all know he wanted to be one of the sleep over girls from the start! -DAGS

Anonymous said...

Gymnastics & yoga cap would be cool

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback and I'll try my best

Anonymous said...

Sleepover caps would be sweet

Anonymous said...

sleepover caps would be sweet

Anonymous said...

Welcome! (:
I love how the reason for his spying was left open to interpretation. (:

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