Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tribute Cap: Bikini Beach is Real!

Here is a cap I made for an anonymous commenter only known as DAGS! She has frequently given me valuable feedback both positive and constructive, and I just wanted to make a cap for her thanking her for her continued input! So just saying the more you girls comment the more of a chance I can get to know you and maybe even make a cap just for you! :) I know I am kind of bribing you all, but lol I really just want to know how you guys feel about what I am creating. Your comments both positive and constructive is what helps fuel me and other cappers to continue giving you the caps you love! As always I love you all!

-xoxo Haylee
Anonymous said...

Aw sweet story, Thanks! :D Can we go for realz? I'd be your 8th grade heart-breaker bestie any day! I wanna know all about our beach fun, and of course what happens when we extend our passes and enroll in school again... -DAGS

Haylee said...

I am glad you liked the cap DAGS, I look forward to your continued feedback :)

Will Ashley said...

Great cap. Congrats :) love the AR and bikini beach is a concept I like so much ^_^
Nice idea to have it real on a secret island in the pacific. Would definitely go there ;-) oh and I find interesting the idea that the bininis changed them because most bikini beach caps I read involve showers. It's good to change a bit from time to time I think ^_^


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