Sunday, October 26, 2014

What's the Point? (TG Mall Series)

Wakkawakka200 has been a LONG time friend of mine in TG Land. Her blog is:

We both share a preference for clean caps and first met on Rachel's Haven. She told me last night that she loves the recent magic caps on this blog and that Haylee's TG Mall Series is amazing. I made this cap for her because of that.

"What’s the point in having separate male and female bathrooms if there’s only one toilet in each?

This came to Richard’s mind when he was in a store in the mall and had to use the bathroom. Since some guy was taking a long time in the Men’s room, he knocked on the Women’s room to see if anyone was in there. After a quick look, he decided to just go in there and be careful to leave the seat back down when he was done.

After finishing his business, his penis started having an extreme burning sensation at the tip. Stomach cramps followed as well as tingling in his legs, arms, and chest. All hair on his body disappeared, yet his hair on his head changed color and became much longer.

Slowly, his clothes morphed themselves into what he SHOULD have been wearing if he were a girl. After his transformation into a teen girl was complete, Raleigh took out her cell phone and decided to take a selfie.

Her “new” friends were outside of the restroom and knocking to come in. There was plenty of time to go around and try on different dresses, yoga pants, and undies at Forever 21, H&M, and especially Victoria Secret."

-Courtney Captisa

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