Friday, October 24, 2014

Poll! (No Cap)

Just a little rambling. I was going through some old caps I did in 2012 and it made me think. Here at CCC we've always had a theory of cap making: Situation over Method.

Situations for gender transformation are endless, however I feel that there are only a certain amount of ways a guy can loss his dick.

Recently, I've had some ideas for captions that are very in-the-moment. They feature current events in the news, but in the day of short attention spans, these will become very dated in sometimes as short as a week.

My main question is, does this bother you? and 2: How often do you actually look at older caps on this site? Almost every cap I've made is on this blog somewhere. I've visited Fictionmania's site and have seen caps like "Mark just won Miss Fictionmania 1997!" So hopefully we aren't going to become that dated. There's a poll bellow the caps on the main page of this site.

babygurl belinda said...

I do read older caps sometimes because I missed them first time or to revisit favourites but I wouldn't worry unduly about dated references. Sometimes the best caps are less about major physical transformation so much as the mental/psycho-sexual ones experienced by the subject.
Regards B B

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