Friday, September 25, 2015

Buying TG Books Stealthily by Dee

I had a great conversation with Dee of the other night. We haven't talked in years and it was good to reconnect. The topic of my novels came up and come to find out, Dee mentioned us on her blog the other day!

Thanks Dee!

We also discussed the nature of privacy and buying TG Fiction online. She wrote this great blog post about how to buy TG fiction discreetly.

She definitely recommends having separate accounts, which I agree with 100%. My TG Land Amazon account is different than my regular one. Also helps with reviews and such. With Dee's gift card idea, I also found that you can buy gift cards for Amazon in other countries through the store of origin. This came in handy when Claire and I exchanged gifts last Christmas. I was able to buy stuff off Amazon UK using a gift card for easy purchasing and no international fees!

helpboy3000 said...

Wow!! Thanks Miss Courtney!! I don't know if you ever got my emaio but thanks!

Courtney Captisa said...

Yes, I'll reply to you. Busy weekend!

helpboy3000 said...

I understand! Kinda hectic for me too!

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