Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Non-Tg Age Regression Cap for Miss Courtney! Plus TG Mall Info

I know this cap may not be everyone's cup of tea, but last week Courtney asked me to make an age regression cap to this photo for her! So here it is I hope you enjoy it like she did. Also just to help begin the craze ahead of time, I am just about to finish writing my first solo story, which is installment #2 of the TG Mall. As per request this one should be a little longer in length and is absolutely jammed packed with transformation details! So keep your eyes out for further announcements in early October! Additionally me and Courtney already have concrete plans in the work for at least 5 stories in the TG Mall series as well as two linked stories written by friends/fans! Get excited!

-xoxo Haylee
Courtney Captisa said...

Thanks so much sweetie! Needed some cheering up and what better way than to be a teen again.

Anonymous said...

Love music caps, nice work!

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