Monday, September 14, 2015

Update & Cheer Cap!

I'm finally feeling better after multiple appointments at the doctor last week. The great news is I am NOT pregnant!

Summer has calmed down and I know have more time to spend in TG Land. We are putting in a lot of hours this week to get a few books finished! I can't wait to share these new stories because they get better each time.

Had some time to make a few caps in the last few days and will be posting everyday this week in celebration of our 4th year anniversary on Sept 17th! I'm still waiting for some cap submissions! Message me on Twitter or email.

Sally Bend said...

Ah, if only all high school pranks turned out so well. :)

edward findlay said...

Best news I have read in a while- hoping your recovery is quick and can't wait for the new books!
And I love this caption, it's the perfect start for the anniversary week

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