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First 2 Chapters of TG Mall: New Look!

TG Mall Book #1: New Look is in the Top 10 on Amazon right now! We have some stiff competition in the top spots, but I would love for Book #1 to go #1! Haylee is working on Book 2 right now. Here are the first 2 chapters of New Look!

Hunter walks through the mall in a morose mood. Other than the strange interaction he had with some woman at the entrance, he hasn’t  talked to anyone today other than texting some friends. He is by himself and figured he would stop at the mall since he has a few hours to kill and needs new clothes. Unfortunately, he is not finding anything to his liking. Being in his mid-20’s, his fashion tastes have evolved recently. After stopping at several department stores and other clothing shops, he has found that the mall seems to cater mostly to teen boys or older men. The type of stores that feature mostly heavy-graphic oriented t-shirts that he saw in skate shops and boring old-guy-golf type shirts as seen in Bosmacy’s. 

He ponders leaving before deciding to at least stop and get a hair cut so the entire day won’t feel like a complete waste of time. After grabbing a coffee from a nearby Starnuts, he makes his way to Clip Masters where he usually gets his hair trimmed. His hair is medium-length where it is still above his ears but a little shaggy on top. 

As he enters the salon, he sees they are not too busy this Sunday afternoon. 

“Hi, is Drew here today?” he asks the receptionist since Drew is usual the person who cuts his hair.

The 19-year-old blonde receptionist smiles but then slants her head a bit. “Unfortunately no,” she sighs. “He’s out for about a month.”

“A month?!”

“Yeah, he went to California for a bit.”

“Damn, lucky guy though!”

“Did you want to schedule an appointment for when he returns?”

“I would like that, but that’s a long time to go without a haircut.”

The receptionist looks down at her agenda and then looks back at Hunter to say, “Alyssa is here and available right now. She can help you.”

Hunter debates the situation in his head. He hasn’t always been very picky about who cuts his hair but has been visiting Drew for the last five months. Since he does want it cut, he agrees.


“Okay great, I’ll let her know you are here. You can have a seat and I’ll have her come over.”

Hunter sits down in the reception area and checks his cell phone.

Moments later, a short woman with many tattoos walks toward him. She has on heavy lipstick and eyeliner. Her hair is highlighted in several parts but black for the most part. Hunter notices she is very busty with the amount of cleavage she has showing from her black top. She looks like she came from the cover of Alternative Press in his mind.

Alyssa smiles and extends her hand to him, “Hi Hunter! How are ya’ today?”

Hunter stands up, “Good.”

“Come on back and let me get you shampooed,” she says waving her hand and walking the same way she came.

He follows and engages in small talk, “So are you new here?”

“Ya, I used to work over at Harwood Day Spa but came here last week. Anna told me you came for Drew a lot?”

“Yeah, a few times.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you,” she smiles as she gets a towel from the rack and signals for him to have a seat in the shampooing chair.

She places the towel under his neck, “You have really nice hair.”

“Thanks,” he responds.

Hunter smiles up at his stylist. His favorite part of the hair cut is always this part because it was like getting a complimentary head massage along with the cut.

She interrupts his thoughts with a question.

“So we are just doing the style that is on record in our file?” she asks.

“Oh, umm yes please,” he responds a little nervously.

Hunter’s stylist begins to pump the shampoo into her hand and then begins to rub it into his hair. Hunter closes his eyes as he finds himself feeling at peace with the massage he is getting from her. She begins to make small talk with him to distract him.

“You sure haven’t got your hair cut in a while. It is quite long compared to usual according to our styling records,” she asks him.

“Yeah, that is why I couldn’t wait a month for Drew to come back.”

“Well, just relax Hunter, I promise you will look like a new person when I am done with you,” she says with a wink to herself in the mirror.

As she runs her hands through her hair, she finally begins to feel the hair becoming smoother, but more importantly she can feel the hair beginning to grow out. She can almost feel the hair lengthening by a half-inch with each pass of her fingers through his hair. She stops briefly when the hair reached about chin length to see if she wanted to give him a short hair style, but quickly decides to go with something much longer. She continues running her hands with the lavender scented shampoo through his hair so she can see when his hair is the perfect length for what she now has in mind for his style.

Hunter sits with his eyes still closed, unaware of the changes happening on his head at the moment. He is relaxed in thoughts of what he will do once he gets home and is a little zoned out from Alyssa’s small talk.

“Is the water temperature okay for you Hunter? Would you like it colder or hotter?” she asks. 

“No, I’m all good,” he responds.

Alyssa smiles and continues to feel his hair grow in her fingers. She figured using shampoo designed for females would probably have an adverse effect when used on a male patron so she has heard.

Hunter’s hair remains the same color but stops growing once it has exceeded over a foot and a half in length.

“Actually Alyssa, something feels a little weird…”

“How so?”

“Just like a tingling sensation. Maybe I’m allergic to something in that shampoo?”

“It has all-natural botanicals in it that give a tingling sensation at first, but you should feel normal in a short bit.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

Alyssa stops the water and begins to dry his hair with a towel just a little bit so that way it is not sopping wet. She anxiously tells him to take a seat at the nearest chair on the right side of the studio.

As Hunter approaches the chair, he finally gets a glimpse of his hair which looks like it has grown considerably. Shocked, he grabs his hair.

“Alyssa! What the hell just happened! My hair is long as hell!”

She scrambles in her head to think of a good answer. “Oh calm down Hunter, it is just this new formula to make hair longer so that way it is easier to cut off. I am sorry I forgot to tell you. If you want, I understand if you don’t trust me to cut it now.”

“Well, you might as well finish because I sure as hell cannot walk out of the salon looking like this!”

“Oh of course! We wouldn’t ever dream of letting you look like that!”

So Hunter backs off momentarily about complaining about the cut and just tries to relax and not worry about the styling. To try and allow himself be more at ease, he closes his eyes so that way he couldn’t allow himself to worry any more than he already is. As his eyes close, he can hear and feel her doing things to his hair, but oddly enough it never felt as if his hair is getting any shorter. He silently reassures himself that all is okay and he keeps his eyes closed.

Finally, he can’t take it and he opens his eyes to see Alyssa prepping a curling iron.


“Please Hunter. This is a family mall! Now would you just trust me for a second. I have an idea for a new style you might like, but you have to trust me!” she responds to his angered outburst with a calm, yet stern voice.

“BE PATI...” Hunter begins to yell, but then strangely realizes maybe he was a little untrusting. “Okay, I apologize. I just am very picky about my hair, but I have an odd feeling that maybe you have a good idea so I will trust you.”

Alyssa is quite shocked at his sudden change in mood; one-second he is about to rip her head off, and the next he almost seems secretly eager to trust her despite knowing her intentions. She is confused but doesn’t think much of it at this point.

She places a pink cape around Hunter and reaches for a pair of scissors.

“Please cut all of this off!”

“What?!” she says, confused that he has now changed his mind.

“I don’t know why I waited so long to have it cut. My hair has never been this long before. Shave it all off!”

“Hunter… you just told me otherwise...”

“I did?”

“Yeah, you told me that you wanted just to do a basic trim and to texturize it a bit,” she lies using some reverse psychology.

Hunter pauses and is confused by the situation. He is still annoyed at the sight of his long, wet hair but is confused on what to do.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It seems like I can’t make up my mind today.”

“Do you want me to shave it or style it? There’s a BIG difference there.”

“Don’t shave it! It’s still hot out and if I did that I should have done it back when it was hot as balls back in July.”

Alyssa laughs at his statement considering he sounds like a boy even though she has plans to make that fact a thing of the past.

She starts a hair dryer and waves her hands through his hair for the drying process. His facial express is very dismal as he still has his sight on the curling iron in front of him. After drying his hair, she brushes his hair and then reaches for the device that makes him fearful.

The back of his hair is curled and held with a pin as Alyssa lets it cool. She starts over-directing his hair on the top and holds various parts in with different clips. He has never had anything like this done to his hair before and is confused at why some of his hair is being held in place with pins.

Alyssa engages in small talk with Hunter to put him at ease asking him about his job and what he does around town. He gets to know her a little better as well and his focus is redirected from his hair to the conversation.

Meanwhile, Alyssa takes some of the pins out and sprays his hair with setting spray. Part of the top of his hair lays straight while the bottom half is curled for a very feminine look. Part of his hair graces over his left eye leaving his face shape a little more oval.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Part of Hunter is completely embarrassed at the new look but another part is thankful in a strange mix of emotion.

“It’s different... thanks...” he says.

They say their goodbyes for the day and after Hunter pays the receptionist he gets another odd feeling.

As he walks out of the hair salon, he cannot believe what that bitch just did to his hair! Where the hell does she get off! She claims that he wanted it done this way and that he agreed to it despite her telling him she thought is was weird. He storms down the corridor in the mall to the other hair stylist in the mall to fix it and with each step he got more annoyed because he could feel as his curls bounce against his shoulders. He is fuming with rage as he is walking when he suddenly pulls out of his angry thoughts.

“Hello Miss. Would you like to see our new line of bracelets?” exclaims an attractive kiosk worker named Mandy who is standing in the middle of the mall as Hunter walks by.

Hunter turns to her with a grimace look and snarls, “I’m a guy!”

Mandy gets surprised, “OH! Well, you look great! Let me see your hand!”

Hunter shakes his head, still getting used to the foreign feel of long curly hair. He does as instructed and watches as Mandy places a golden bracelet with a heart in the middle on his wrist. 

“That looks so cute!”

Hunter laughs, “This really isn’t my style, plus it looks really tight and ridiculous.”

“That’s okay, I can adjust it a little.”

Mandy adjusts the bracelet as Hunter’s left wrist starts to morph becoming slightly smaller. She places the matching design on his other wrist and the same effect happens. In addition to his wrists becoming much thinner, his arms change in connection to leave his arms soft, hairless, and dainty. 

“Better?” she asks.

Hunter smiles after rethinking his decision, “It’s kind of nice, but I like those silver leaf ones a little better.

“Yes, I agree Miss. Plus, to be honest, heart jewelry is typically not something girls buy for themselves,” Mandy says intentionally trying to confuse the young man even further.

“True, but like I said. I’m a guy. So I like the silver one because it is a little less effeminate.”

“Oh sorry my mistake,” she responds to him as she hands him the silver bracelet he requested.

As he slides on the bracelet, his dark arm hair lightens and becomes thinner. He looks down at his wrist and wants to feel disgusted by such a girly article of jewelry. However, he cannot help but feel this rush of pleasure by just how cute his hands look with the silver bracelet.

The silver bracelet has the kind of band that is flexible and looks like silver rope giving it a very simple, yet elegant look. The clasp functions a little different in that the three silver leaves simply go through the clasp. As he is marveling at how cute he looks his hand shrink and he even faintly hears as the bones in his hands realign to its small feminine figure.

“Wait a minute! You are in on this shit too! You just transformed my arms and hands like the hairstylist changed my fucking hair!”

“Please Miss, calm down. I have no clue what you are yelling at me for because you asked for the bracelet, and you willingly put it on!” she replies still trying to confuse him.

“I would never... Wait a minute... Is that a matching necklace?!” Hunter shrieks in a slightly feminine manner being subject to another sudden emotion change.

Mandy replies with confused relief, “Oh umm yes... yes it is. Would you like to try it on as well?”

He smiles and puts his hands together, “Of course I would!”

Hunter leans his head forward as Mandy places a matching silver leaf necklace on his neckline, clasping the back of it around the curls of his hair. Instantly, the chest hair under his shirt disappears, and his upper neckline thins out a bit.

“Here’s a mirror.”

Hunter looks at his reflection. There’s no doubt he is looking more feminine. But something in his mind makes him think that it is a great new look for him, and it’s how things are supposed to be.

“I’ll take the set,” he says.

“Great! I also noticed you don’t have earrings on today.”

“Oh, my ears aren’t pierced.”

“Really? Wow, I had that done when I was like eight-years-old. Did you just never get around to it or…”

“Just never thought about it.”

“Did you grow up around all guys?”

“I am a guy!”

“Guys have their ears pierced all the time!”

“What am I saying?”

Mandy smiles, “I think you want your ears pierced.”

“I guess could look good with one of those big diamond earrings!”

“Ahh I agree, but I have some other ones I would like to show you first. Then we can try the ones you want,” she says furthering his transformation that is getting ever closer to the point of no return.

She goes to the other end of the counter and sees the ones she wants him to take. She knows it will be too feminine if she gives it to him now, so she decides to ease him in with a pair that is a little less feminine first. Mandy grabs just a simple stud earring.

“Are you ready to get them pierced sweetie?” she asks reaching her hand out showing him the earrings she picked for him.

“Yes, but we are doing the diamonds right not that sissy shit!”

“Yes, of course, I just need to use these for the initial piercing sweetie!”

“Okay, but for the millionth time I am a man!”

“Oh sorry, silly me!” she says blushing with fake guilt.

Mandy puts a little disinfectant solution on Hunter’s ears then grabs her piercing gun. Within seconds, he is one step closer to feminization.

“There all done!”

“That was it?”

“Yeah, it didn’t hurt right.”

“No… surprisingly.”

“You’ll need to keep those studs in for a bit, but would you like to see some other earrings?”

“Sure… why not.”

Hunter pauses for a moment. What did he just say? This is not like him at all. No way in hell would he have thought of coming to the mall today to have his hair styled in a girly way and then get a bunch of women’s jewelry, not to mention his ears pierced!

“These are really pretty!” says Mandy holding out a ruby colored gem with silver circle earrings.

“They are!” Hunter says with an improving smile. Hunter can’t control his new feminine urges and is delighted at the sight of his new jewelry.

“Anything else you want to look at today?”

“NO! I think this is plenty. Actually wait, I think I’ll just pay you for the piercing.”

“Are you sure about that?”


Mandy starts getting a little impatient. “It’s 10% off everything today.”

“Okay, what do I owe you?”

Mandy smiles, “That will be $39.53. Cash or card?”

“Card,” says Hunter getting out his wallet.

Mandy examines the card and looks at the back, “Can I see your I.D.?”

Hunter gives her his driver’s license and Mandy examines that indeed in fact, he is a boy. 

“Thanks Hunter!”

©2015, C. Captisa & H. Sims

helpboy3000 said...

I so want to read all your stories, i know pageant or prison is my favorite short story!

Danyelle TS in FL said...

I loved this story. I think I read it in less than a day, because I couldn't put it down. I'm a huge sucker for magic stories and loved all of the TG Mall caps before reading this. I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm a huge fan of all of your stories and would have to say my favorite is Not Normal with Not another TG Story being a close second, or at least that was before reading this one.

Courtney Captisa said...

Thanks Danyelle! As you may have noticed, I tend to prefer realistic stories but that's why I like having multiple people on board since it showcases diversity. Haylee is working on Book #2 now and I'm going to do Book #3. I agreed with Haylee to keep this series in magical spectrum.

Inside info!:
Book #2 will feature a race change for the first time in one of our stories and Book #3 will feature age regression.

We came up with the concept for Book #5 first (which was supposed to be Book #2) but once we started coming up with the overall plot line for the entire series decided to push it back. Book #4 or #5 will have to do with high school prom.

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