Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our Books are on Lulu!

Great news! We are now on Lulu!

We have had several requests over the last few months to put our books on Due to several issues, we were unable to do so but now have almost all of our books on the site! These will be available shortly on Barnes & Noble and iBooks as well. Due to a clause in contract with Amazon, if a book is in Kindle Unlimited, it can't appear anyone else for a certain amount of time.

I would be very curious to know how many readers are actually using Kindle Unlimited rather than paying out right for the story. If you do use KU, please comment. I may just stop using it and upload all new stories to both Amazon and Lulu at the same time. Our latest 2 stories will only be on Amazon for a few more months.

“The Sissy Next Door” by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

19,000+ words

Keywords: transgender, lesbian, sissy, age regression, crossdressing, party dress, forced feminization, school girl, yoga pants, menstruation, clean TG Fiction

Our first story to take place in England!

Daniel believes his crossdressing habit is his personal secret until his new next door neighbour through the window and believes he is a teenage girl like her! She tells her family and through a note, him and his mum are invited over for dinner. Through his mum’s encouragement, he must take the identity of ‘Mandy’ and pretend to be a normal teenage girl to fit in with his new friend Sarah.

Sarah is more of an alternative girl who loves bands and partying. While, ‘Mandy’ is more of a girly girl, the two click and develop a friendship. ‘Mandy’ must deal with conflicts that arise such as being set up on a date by her friend and dealing with Sarah’s constant teen antics. Problems also come up when Sarah starts questioning ‘Mandy’s’ lifestyle choices…

Notice: Contains masturbation, but no sex scenes.

Warning: Some recreational drug use, profanity, and hipsters.

“The Making of a Full House” by Courtney Captisa & Haylee Sims

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

21,000 + Words.

Keywords: transgender, science fiction, age progression, age regression, magic transformation?, hormones, chemical, teen, MILF, trophy wife, family, fancy dress, memory loss, cheerleader, gymnasts, dance, personality change.

Notice: No graphic sex scenes, but implied situations. Some vivid descriptions of transformation and anatomy with light profanity. PG-13 Rating.

Graduate students Garrett and Kendall have been best friends for years. Once they find a great house to rent near campus, they recruit their friend James to go in with them on the house and find a guy online named Marc to go in on the lease. Strange things happen a few days after they move in as Kendall is transformed into a successful career woman, James becomes a teenage cheerleader, and Marc goes from being a built African-American athlete to a tween girl who loves gymnastics!

The family struggles to deal with not only finding a way to switch back, but also new jobs, schools, and for some of them; memory loss. Can they find a way to change back before it’s too late?

“Dorm Room Secrets” by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear

Keywords: transgender, lesbian, college, teen, crossdressing, surgery, forced, yoga pants, fancy dress, Halloween, French maid, oral.

Kenneth is excited to get an acceptance letter from his dream college, but is disappointed that it has been addressed to a girl! His parents assure him it’s a mistake, but he’s in for a surprise when he’s later walking around campus wearing yoga pants and a bra! Throughout the ordeal, “Kaitlyn” must keep it a secret from HER roommate, friends back home, and new friends she makes around campus.

Warning: Contains a few fictional sexual situations with consenting individuals. Lesbian sex scene is limited. Adult readers only!

“Not Normal” by Courtney Captisa & Haylee Sims

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Getting invited to sit with popular cheerleaders at lunch should be any boy’s dream in high school. However for Joseph, it quickly turns into a nightmare! From the moment he interacts with them, unwanted changes start happening in his life. From being forced to talk about fashion with girls in class, to being hit on by guys, to being teased by his younger sister, “Julia” must put clues together before SHE forgets about the past. Features a very slow and detailed physical transformation into the pretty cheerleader he may become.

Word Count: 8,000+

Possible Spoilers!

Themes: transgender, forced feminization, teen, magical transformation, cheerleader, school girl, high school, friends, sister, parents, yoga pants, fast transformation, mind altered, stuck.

Rated: PG-13 for descriptions of anatomy and language. Note: This story does NOT contain any sex scenes.

“Pageant or Prison?” by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

From the authors of "Not Another TG Story."

Cover Art Assistance by Alexis.

Warning: NO sexual situation, but some mentioning by teenagers.

To Anthony's dismay, the only thing available to complete his court-appointed community service in time is helping out at the Miss Heartland County Pageant. Although being around pretty girls all day seems like every boy’s dream, it turns into a nightmare as he is forced to “help” at the pageant in more ways than one.

Themes: Teen, Beauty Pageant, Forced Feminization, Blackmail, Pageant Dress, Bikini, Crossdressing, Hormones, Surgery, Breasts, Friend, Makeup, Hair.

“Not Another TG Story” by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Dylan is your average teenage boy. Slightly overweight, lazy, plays video games, and dresses up in his sister's clothes! His little hobby soon gets him in trouble however and leads him into a path of femininity.

Under the cruel guidance of his loving sister and newly found boyfriend Nick, Dylan begrudgingly makes his transformation, which takes place over his entire senior year, including prom and senior week.

His transition into the female world doesn't go exactly smoothly however. Embarrassing trips to the mall, fighting off kisses from boys, and dancing like a sissy at cheer practice are just some of his tribulations.

Note: This is NOT a parody story, but is more of a homage to great TG Fiction the authors have read over the years. Contains cheerleaders, siblings, and prom scenes!

18+ readers only. Contains a few adult situation themes with consenting, legal adults.

Transformation Methods: Hormones, Makeup, Salon, Shopping, Implants, Surgery, Magic?
Danyelle TS in FL said...

I've used it once, because I was broke and had the free trial available to me, but I mainly just buy the books outright.

Anonymous said...

I have had Kindle Unlimited since early July. Speaking as a regular user the selection is nice and there are a lot of great TG oriented authors.
Regarding your books I have read all but "Dorm Room Secrets" via KU, that book I bought outright when it was on sale.
I understand the need to branch out and remove the KU option for books, I'll likely buy your future books if I like the concept. Hopefully this is a good move for you financially as well as exposure-wise. Your books do well on their own but having a larger selection despite losing KU is a big plus IMHO

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