Monday, November 12, 2012

Homecoming Week & Announcements Of Course!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I've been tied up with a lot of things and I'm exploring some lifestyle changes. Needless to say, my mind has been in other places besides TG caps! Hoping to get at least a few caps out this week! I have a lot of great friends who have been messaging me on Skype providing great ideas!


1) It's Homecoming Week! Yes, I know I'm a few weeks late on this but prom caps are one of my top requested themes and since some boys don't know that prom only happens in spring I'm assuming they still want to see transformed girls wearing fancy dresses!

2) I've been getting a lot of requests lately with pictures. This may result in another Requests Week so if you would like to see anything please message me.

3. Exciting things coming:
a) Another Tami Knight Collaboration
b) Some really funny articles
c) Courtney writes her first full-length story!?

4. I'm hiring! (aka looking for volunteers)
If anyone knows about web security, html, or is a lawyer, please message me!

Also here's another thing that's been on my mind lately. I'm starting to really hate the term "TG Caps/TG Fiction".  I know this has been used for many years, but when I think about it,most of the stories I make don't involve transgendered people as much as they do some elements of gender transformation. I think there's a difference.

Being transgendered means being born a certain way and wanting to change gender. Gender Transformation relates more to any element that relates to change. I also got an e-mail a few weeks ago from a young transgendered person who told me they found my blog when Googling "Transgender Stories", expecting to find stories about coming out, transitioning, etc. Instead she found my blog with the "TOP 13 TG Stories" post.

She told me that she read a few of the "pictures" on my blog and thought some were funny but others were weird. Then asked me what they were and what they meant. It occurred to me that she had no idea what TG Fiction is or what caps are. Just made me think about things.... Regardless, I'm going to start using the term GT (Gender Transformation). Thoughts?

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