Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jack Does a Bunch Of Caps

Some of you may have noticed Jack on the contributor list. He's a long time friend of mine. He makes caps very rarely, but is very active in the world of GT! His job requires him to travel a lot, so he requested that I post these.

I'm ASSUMING that these take place in the year 1999. Please correct me if I'm wrong Jack!

Anonymous said...

Farm boys becomes successful female country singer!!!!!
Great story and lucky "guy"

Anonymous said...

Great endurance to come up with this steady story told in multiple images. Quite nice.

Anonymous said...

The farm pics likely were taken in 1998 (at least I found them under "images MM 1998") There are three others besides these two. It looks like a friend snapped these, as Mandy's hair style in a few is not optimal (pulled tightly back; natural dark brown hair in a few) She was probably on the cusp of being "discovered" by that FedEx guy and asked someone to shoot these at a farm or horse stable. These farm pics actually show Mandy at her best as the sweet girl-next-door. All this is speculation. I'd like to know the actual origin of these pics.

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