Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not Gay

Well first off I want to thank Courtney so much for allowing me to post my first ever caption on her blog! I had a blast doing it and I hope to do more in the future!! Let me introduce myself since I'm new. I'm Amber and I'm a 25yr old crossdresser from North Carolina! Unlike many I like playing sports as a girl, though I'm not necessarily good at them! A girl can try though can't she!

All the captions I do will be stories I wish I could be a part of! If you have any suggestions or a picture you may want me to look at and potentially caption please don't hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy!

Alice said...

Great start to a new are er Amber, I've dropped you and C an email

Alana Tgirl said...

I agree with Alice....fantastic 1st Cap, Amber....loved it !! :-)

Alexandra said...

lovely cap i realy like it :-)

Alice said...

Ok, we've heard from three A's, what about the rest of the alphabet?

Anonymous said...


Amber Smith said...

OMG thank you all so much!! If any of you have any suggestions for new caps or have pics you may want captioned please email! I would love to chat with any of you anytime! Love you bunches!!


Alice said...

Amber, I sent an email earlier this week with some ideas. Did you get it?

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