Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Search For Missing TG Authors/Artists Part 2

In the first edition of "Search For Missing" I was able to locate a few people. I'm hoping for the same with this one! If you are, or know the whereabouts of these people, please e-mail me! An APB  has been issued for the following people:

1. Jennifer White
After I posted the first "Search", a lot of people mentioned they wanted to know where Jennifer White is as well! Jennifer White is also the name of a porn star, so Google Search didn't work that well for me.

2. Britney Shagwell
 Yes, I know Britney has only been inactive for a few months, but I haven't heard from her and I'm just curious.

3. Jackie Pett
Jackie Pett was a TG Fiction Author who appears to have been active sometime in the mid-90's. I really can't ANY information about her at all. Where did you even find TG Fiction back in 1994? On a Usenet group or something? Her stories are very well-written and realistic. They are more on the graphic side, but of course...I love sweet stories with graphic nature! The Stepchild & Executive Assistant are my favorites.

She has pages on Fictionmania & Storysite. The last known post I could find was on a BigCloset, comment however I question if this is the same Jacki Pett considering she misspelled "You're".

4. & Bendu Monk
Gendertech was a great gender transformation graphics website that had it's hey-day in the early-mid 2000's. I can't remember exactly why the site closed,  but I remember seeing some type of notice about it. The only name I can find associated with this site is Bendu Monk, but I believe there was also a "Julie" of some sort? Also does anyone know if any of the material from this site was saved anywhere?

5. Crystal from StorySite
Would I become famous if I was actually able to get an exclusive interview with Crystal and why her once Mecca of a TG Fiction Website has been dormant for the past few years? I figured since this was a post about finding people, I would include one of the most sought after people in the community! As far as the status of StorySite, I'm starting to blame authors as well. There were many authors who posted regularly and have submitted stories the site's que, but have not posted elsewhere and seem to be waiting for the site to come back...Or maybe...they were all "Crystal"...?

Also does anyone know the story behind this picture? It's been on StorySite for as long as I can remember.

Special Notices:

1. RedMeg/Meg? from Lycos and Pretty Sissy Dani
Dee mentioned in the first post that she's been looking for these two.

2. Anyone who had a Geocities Page
I want to do a special Geocities post and I'm especially looking for anyone who had a "Teen Crossdress/Transgender" page in the late 90's/early 00's
Cintia D said...

Pretty Sissy Dani's blog is @

Anonymous said...

Re Crystal's. If you read her main entry page, the red leather and feathers were mentioned. She determined a few years back, that her method of posting items was too much work. It had to be submitted, then totally encoded with the codes used back then and maybe even read by her. Way too much work and it was taking more and more time as submissions became more frequent. She was going to try to come up with a new way of doing it that was less labor intense. All the coding had to be stripped manually out of all the original posts and then redone to todays controls whatever was chosen. Then the back biting and infighting and mouthing off on her boards honked her off and she quit posting, and maybe even doing anything, leaving the site as more a legacy and home to the thousands of posts she had.

Anonymous said...

Re 1994. Usenet was in use and then fictionmania popped up as well as TG-Fiction, a yahoo club/group. Jennifer White's last post at FM was in 2003. She posted 30 stories. I have vague memories of Gendertech, but as hard drives died and addys were lost, I have no further info.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the site,, you can find links to some of the Gendertech captions and some NUYou as well. Some captions are quite good. He also has his own publishing outfit linked to SickPuppyPress also. Under his vault you can find some other stuff including stuff considered "Too Hot " for fictonmania. Happy searching.
Now, I have a question for you. Years ago, PinkBra did a story called "AMY -Parts 1-2 " ; the story was pulled from fictionmania and the author/ress ? seems to have have disappeared. Any ideas ?

Dee Mentia said...

As a follow up, I had contacted Sissy Dani back awhile ago. She even commented on a post at my blog.

I have also received a message from Red Meg who still visits TG blog sites! Somehow it got back to hear that *I* was looking for her through this post.

Thanks Courtney for your legion of spies out there!


Courtney Captisa said...

Nice! I can always count on my super fans to get things done!

Courtney Captisa said...

Thanks for the tip.

Are you sure the whole PinkBra story isn't here?:

Courtney Captisa said...

And now that I think about it. Whatever did happen to Pink Bra? I think they may end up on my next "Search for Missing" list!

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