Friday, November 2, 2012

SuperFan/Sister Jennifer Etique

I'm SO happy to be adding more "sisters" to the page! A few days ago, Alexis, did her introduction post and after talking to her for a bit I can assure you she's a LOT of fun and great things to come from her soon! There's going to be a few more additions this month!

Jennifer Etique also messaged me saying how much she LOVES the blog...and apparently some other things... Here's her story: She's been crossdressing and into TG Fiction for many years, currently in her 20's and ENGAGED to a conservative Christian woman who has NO idea about HIS secret...

While talking to her...I could tell there was a few things she wanted to get off her chest...such as her hair... so I recommended that she shave and start taking the steps to femininity! She also become so into it, she wrote a short story:

Jenni's Girl Crush On Courtney Story:

I encourage everyone to subscribe to her blog!

Jenni doesn't have any of her own clothes yet. So she just wears her fiance's stuff when she's not looking...

She also borrows the vibrator from the woman she will one day marry!

Belinda Reed said...

Way to go Jennie

Anonymous said...

just a word of advice...i'd get out of that relationship. how is a conservative christian ever going to embrace that side of you, girl?

tami knight said...

If one can post pics like this, but not have the guts to be honest? Girl-up.

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