Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Sparkling New Personality

   As requested I am adding a non-TG Mall cap. I hope you girls enjoy this one. I would love feedback on the TG Mall Caps, I have heard from two people one say they like and the other saying they dislike. So please girls I would appreciate your feedback because I don't want to put my time and efforts into something that you girls do not enjoy. I still love you all and please dont be afraid to tell me your opinions, good or bad.

-xoxo Haylee


  1. TG Mall was a great series :) I'm always so happy with how happy your characters are to be turned into girls in the mecca of teen girls -DAGS

    1. I appreciate your feedback, and I promise this will not be the end of the TG-Mall

  2. Replies
    1. OMG! Thanks so much! I am such a huge fan of your blog, and your caps have been such a huge inspiration to my caps! I cant believe you actually read my caps

  3. Awesome cap and I want to say I have loved the TG mall series. I really hope you continue it and bring more people.

  4. I that one a lot

  5. can't wait to read more on the TG Mall series.... great work!


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