Monday, July 7, 2014

Message from Courtney

I'm leaving for a short vacation tomorrow to Maine and will be inactive to posting, writing, cap making, and emails until Sunday. A few small things:

1. A number of people have told me they loved Not Another TG Story on Amazon and TG stories! Thank you! If you did buy the book on Amazon, please leave a review!

2. Claire and I are hard at work on a new novel set for release in September. For this book, we ARE seeking illustrations. I'm also in need of a new proof reader. Please message me if interested.

3. Because our move to WordPress didn't go according to plan, I decided to close it. That means that the archive is no longer there. To be honest, I think Blogger is dated and I'm not happy with it anymore however I realize it's still big in TG Land. I'm looking for somewhere else to host the archive of caps in the meantime. We've always made a good habit out of properly tagging caps though and it seems to be a popular search technique.

Courtney Captisa

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