Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The TG Mall Part 5: The Movies

   I really appreciate all the positive things that you girls have had to say about the TG Mall Series. It is a lot of fun making these caps. As I have stated in a few places on the blog but I will say it formerly just to clarify what is going on with my posts. 1. I WILL be continuing the TG Mall series caps because I have received mostly positive feedback so I will continue making them 2. I also WILL be making some non-TG mall caps for those of you who do not like the TG Mall series as much. If you have any request such as a yoga themed caps or ecetera just add it at the end. I love you girls so much and I hope to continue doing this for the month but then I will be on a hiatus because I will be gone.

-xoxo Haylee

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where this mall is so I can visit and have the wonderful experience others have!!!!

Haylee said...

If only I knew where it was myself

Anonymous said...

I bet the TG Mall has one of those play areas (with a train or ball pit or such )- Maybe it would mentally regress in addition to TG?
Do they have a salon? What about a DISNEY store!!?

Do you like writing camp stories? Those are my other favourite setting. -DAGS

Haylee said...

I could maybe try, but I am on a tight schedule cause I will be away next week, and I will then be leaving the beginning of August and will not be able to post for a while

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