Thursday, July 10, 2014

The TG Mall Part 2: Starbucks

   Hey I know Courtney won't mind so I will give a rare gift to you girls, I will give you two posts in one night! I promise it is a one time thing cause Courtney doesn't like multiple posts a day, so here is my one time gift girls, installment 2 of the TG Mall


P.S. I love to hear your thoughts girls


  1. I'm loving this series. My only complaint with this is that the coloring of the font against the green background made it a little hard to read. The story itself was great I think I may want a smoothie now.

  2. Ok, I appreciate the suggestion, I will try to keep that in mind

  3. Having read up to part 8 the series is great congrats :)
    Makes me want to try captioning again (which I haven't done in a VERY long time) ^^'


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