Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't been posting lately because:
1. I've been very busy with work
2. Lack of inspiration for cap stories

I figured I would bring back "theme weeks" since they were popular and it really helped with creativity. Thinking about popular activities in the summer, I thought of the perfect scenario to go along with one-night stands, carnival rides, guys having to deal with me when I'm drunk, etc: DATE NIGHT! I'll be posting about 4-7 caps this week about the joys of dating!

-Courtney Captisa

P.S. This cap was created on a PowerMac G5 that sits by my main work desk using Photoshop CS4. Still getting used to a different workflow.


  1. What a lucky turn of events for this young gentleman!

  2. Glad you are back Courtney!

  3. Love the idea of theme weeks! Maybe a "back to school" them in September?


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