Sunday, October 7, 2012

Courtney Has Moved!

After some hard work and help from some friends, I have FINALLY found a new place and moved out of my parent's house again! I worked a lot this weekend, so I'm finally back on my feet again! (for now...)

Will work on some new caps this week. Claire and I have talked about doing Homecoming Week as a theme since it seems like people still want prom caps in the middle of Fall!

I want to send sincere gratitude towards the people who donated to me. I really couldn't have moved without you! So thank you to:

Tami Knight

About my new place, it's a basement efficiency in Northeast Baltimore. Quiet neighborhood and the landlord is really nice. It's partially furnished and I need to clean up a little bit before I move all my stuff in, but I'll only be here a few months. Here are some pics:

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