Monday, October 29, 2012

Courtney's Book Club October 2012: Boyz II Girlz: The Making of The Ballroom Brats by Joe Six-Pack

This story was published a few months ago, but I was able to give it a read recently and must say I loved this story!

The plot is one of my favorite set-ups: Boys Who Become Girls in a Music Group! The story features elements that I'm really into such as surgery and race change!

The illustrations with the story are good and there are some additional fun graphics at the end of the publication.

This is one of about 10 pay stories I've read on Joe's site and this one is definitely in the Top 3.

Story available at:
Dee Mentia said...

His stuff is very hit and miss with me. If its a good story, its wonderful. Lately though, they seem have these twist endings that to me seem like there are there because they wanted to have a twist ending. I know he's been farming out the art or stories, so it could just be that I prefer HIS stuff to other people.

His "Testing a Theory" and "Shistaboiouui" are classics, as well as many of his work that is on behind a pay wall there.

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