Friday, October 5, 2012

Joe to Josie

OK everyone, I am Shannon. As Courtney stated, I am a Genetic girl, and I had a transgender brother. Bad things happen, and I understand that, but this is terrible timing.
I am in school, and working as a secretary, which means I don't get to cap much. Still a beginner at it, but learning as I go.
I hope you all enjoy what I do.

Tina said...

Shannon, this cap is a great start! I love her dress and her smile that says she is enjoying the experience of being a girl! I hope you continue to cap when you have the time - I know the feeling and am not able to cap as regularly as I would want to!

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Excellent cap, Shannon. It's difficult to believe you're a beginner.

It sounds like you have a very busy life, but I hope you're able to find time to do more caps. Very well done!

Courtney said...

Boyfriend to BFF caps are always some of the best as this cap proves!

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