Friday, October 19, 2012

I told you!

My first try at a cap like this so be gentle :) Also please comment if I shouldn't do it again or keep doing them, thanks.


  1. I likes your cap very much tapping into that shift into 'girlspace'.
    Love Jo

  2. I think it's a fun little story. Let my mind wander as to what was going on in the cap, willing? unaware? was the piercing some sort of rebel act to show he was still a boy at his core? Maybe I'm getting way too much out of the story then what's there, But I liked it for that reason! ^_^ So I say keep going!

  3. Good work. keep on a capping

  4. First time and already showing much better talent than quite a few captioners- please keep going on!

  5. This is seriously your best cap yet Claire. Keep it up..and cap making too!


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