Monday, October 29, 2012

HELP!: Lost Halloween Special

I recently remembered a Halloween special from when I was a kid that I can't figure out the name of at ALL. It was a Made-For-TV that has probably fallen into obscurity and was completely forgettable to me...except for one scene:

There's a brief scene in the movie that I remember where a mother drops her son off at a school Halloween party and he's complaining because she made him dress up as a girly fairy! After she pulls away he screams at something scary.

Yeah...that's it. Brief, but I really want to find out what movie this was in. If the writers of this movie were sick enough to put something like that in a kid's movie and fuck up my childhood, I'm pretty sure they are regular readers of my blog right now!

This would have aired on TV sometime between 1990-1996. I've tried googling this with NO luck! Please help!

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