Saturday, October 27, 2012

Update on "Search for Missing TG Artists/Authors

Last month, I did a post about trying to find the whereabouts of TG Artists & Authors who have been no longer active. Thanks to viewership and cooperation, now have some updates!

1. Psilotrea/Pteronarcid/Jennifer Brown?

I heard from Miles of Tasteful TG Caps who had posted their original caps on his Yahoo groups. He told me those were unfortunately the only ones he knew of, so her whereabouts are still UNKNOWN!

2. Mariana Hamelin of Girly Panties

Shortly after I blogged about this, Mariana replied and her blog, Girly Panties, is now active again. I've noticed a lot of people have been visiting her blog which is on my sidebar. If you haven't already, be sure to visit. She has some EXCELLENT material on her blog!

3. Jen Derbender

Still Missing!

4. Jenny North of TGFA

I have heard from Jenny personally and am happy to report she is still alive! Her website, TGFA, as I mentioned before was one of the first TG Fiction sites I ever visited. She told me she leaves it up because the material is good but is a little too busy to do updates. She has been active supporting her local TG groups and has taking up interest in cosplay! She said she eventually hopes to update the site, which hasn't had a facelift since 2002!

5. Julia Manchester

Still missing. Come on Julia, I'm ready for another story so I can post it as part of my bookclub!

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