Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PLEASE READ (Sequel to a Horrible Cap)

During Bad Girl Week last month, I did a cap for a HORRIBLE picture. I couldn't help myself though, the pic remembered me of dozens of really shitty college dorm rooms and college apartments I had been in where a "party" was happening.

The parties at the university I went to in Maryland a few years ago basically only involved:

1) Tacky decorated rooms with wooden tables, outdated sofas, beer boxes, signs from liquor stores, empty bottles

2) Beer Pong

3) The cheapest and most disgusting liquor/beer available

4) A bunch of douchebag guys wearing polos and backwards baseball caps and/or hoodies

5) Girls wearing the same thing minus the baseball caps

I'm sure this hasn't changed and probably won't for decades. But what I REALLY wanted to see was:

6) Two guys get feminized and start play games with each other!

Now that I think of it, did you ever watch A Dirty Shame where Tracey Ullman picks up a beer bottle with her vagina? I did try that at a party...it's harder than it looks...

Anyways, Claire did an investigation and actually found a picture featuring one of the same girls from the original cap! Great work! I HAVE to do a sequel!

Here's the original cap/post:

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