Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Special Report: For Ashlee at Not 2 Brite Captions

I had this idea and really wanted to cap it somehow. Ashlee LOVES dressing up for Halloween...lucky for her...it won't just be Halloween anymore...

Special Thanks to Alexis!

Not 2 Brite TG Captions


  1. Awesome plot device! Imagine the stories... Little boys, teens, and even the dads who take the kids out. I don't like much candy but I would hope that they taint some Tootsie Rolls! ;)

  2. Fantastic!!!! Where can I buy some of this candy Courtney????

  3. Loved it when I saw it on the Haven, and I still love it now!

    And yeah, I can only imagine what it does to Mommies and Daddies who have leftover candy in their dish!

  4. Awesome cap and idea! Those affected don't seem that upset about it either :P... So did their costumes change too?


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