Sunday, April 28, 2013

Clean GT Caps Rant

"Keeping things as "clean" as I can!"-Courtney

This has been discussed a few times on other blogs and gender transformation forums, but I wanted to post here to see what readers of this blog think. The main things I want to ask are: "What makes a cap clean?" and "What do you NOT like seeing content wise in a cap?"

I started capping in 2010 because I became extremely dissatisfied with the amount of caps I was finding online that I considered "clean". Most of the ones I found involved a "mistress" with heavy BDSM themes, sex acts, and/or body fluids. Speaking of which, here is my definition of a clean cap:

Clean Cap. (noun)- a visual and descriptive gender transformation art that features limited adult content.

Notice the keyword: limited

Personally, I do like some themes that push the boundary while still staying classy. Some of these caps have received hate mail/comments in the past, mostly because I understand some people visit this blog and only a few select others just because they are "clean." I won't sacrifice a good picture if I have a very creative idea for it.

It's also not always the picture that's "non-clean". I'm a HUGE fan of sweet images with dark text that may include descriptions of forced gender change, humiliation, and future sex acts. Are these considered to NOT be clean caps?

That being said, my heart and the best interests of my contributors/readers still stays with caps that features no nudity/sex acts. I think those are the two big ones when it comes to what makes a cap "clean". However, there WILL be some upcoming caps that feature themes of nudity, mild violence, incest, mortality, and drug references.

I don't have the time or patience to create a separate blog for this material. For the respect of the community, all of the caps that we consider "non-clean" are labeled with this sign as the preview:
It has come to my attention recently that this blog has a very large fan base of people who are currently in high school. I started looking at GT Fiction online when I was 14, so I really can't say anything about younger fans looking at this material, but please be 18+ when clicking on these "Red Band" caps!

Anonymous said...

I am a mtf transgender in high school. I am sixteen and I enjoy tg fiction. I am really glad that there are at least a few blogs that don't treat gender transformation as some type of fetish. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

Melina said...

I think your caps are great anyway shape or form so I don't have a opinion in regards to content but I can see your point in regards to the definition of clean but at the end of the day you have to do what makes you comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I'm Androgynous and i'm 20 and think this is one of the best GT blogs out there

Hammster said...

I don't need to have everything spelled out explicitly (as you can probably tell from my own work). You leave something to the imagination with your work, and I appreciate that. ^_^

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! I don't like the thought of people being brutalized or hopeless. I don't like torture or pain. Forced caps are good if the transformed person ends up getting to like the change. Sweet and romantic caps can be very hot. You manage to make some very hot caps without being explicit -- which takes talent. I can't think of a single cap of yours that I didn't like at all or that I thought belonged in a whole new blog. I'm interested in seeing how this blog evolves, too, though. I like the way(s) you think! ; )

MaryXYX said...

I've only objected to one of your caps, and that was for a different reason. Some of the other sites stray too far into porn for me.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I totally agree with the way you spelled it out! Keep on the path and all have been told if they can't handle a bit of "non-clean" then do not open when labeled. You have done a great job and that is what makes you and your blog great1!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Joanne Chan said...

I think you get the balance right nearly enough all the time, never having encountered one that in any way disturbed me. I would agree with it's not just the image that can cause one to cross that line it's the accompanying text.
Flagging up any that *may* offend is a good idea so at least if it might for whatever reason you can avoid it.

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