Friday, April 12, 2013

New Contributor: Becky.

A quick bit about myself,

I am a GG (genetic girl) that has only recently found an interest in some parts of GT/TG and thought I would try making some captions myself.

(There is one spelling mistake but it is my first time)


  1. Yeah Becky! Loved it. You're off to a great start.

  2. Welcome to the team Becky. I love your cap

  3. It feels great to have another GG on the team who loves when boys are FORCED to transform. Nice that this is a growing trend! I think you'll fit in here very well Becky P.

  4. A great start. It's the idea and then the execution but foremost it's the idea and you've got that.
    It looks like you use paint so you can cut out the line with the mistakes (you complaing) and renter the line in transparent text. I do it all the time with my caps LOL.

  5. Thanks Dawn I will remember that in the future and thanks for the other comments.

  6. Interesting caption. Becky certainly has potential, but her figure needs lots of work, and other things such as her face, breasts, and so on. The hair looks lovely, but needs styling into a proper girls style. Becky is like an ugly duckling, waiting to be made into a beautiful swan. Continue please and more soon ?

    1. Becky is me not the boy being feminized which means, you kind of just insulted me.

  7. (different anon.) I like the cap. Interested to see what else you'll come up with. It's interesting to know this was written by a g-girl. Courtney's work is really good and it will be good to have another g-girl's fertile mind contributing.

  8. Becky...great start and I think that you will bring a great perspective to the team! Thank you very much!!!!!!

  9. A question for both Courtney and Becky: What is it about boys being FORCED transfom? Any insights/introspection as to what the appeal is for G-Girls?


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