Saturday, April 27, 2013

Surprise for Dad

I'm considering doing a sequel to this cap on what happens after the woman discovers her boyfriend's son did this. Let me know if you want a sequel! Also, what's with the thing between teddy bear's legs?!

“You better have a GOOD explanation on why you are dressed like this!”

“Well Dad, you know I don’t really like that woman you are dating... I can't wait to see how you explain why your only son is dressed like a girl!


"Sorry, not happening. My friend helped me with make-up and hair for hours and even let me borrow her dress. Plus these panties are pretty comfy!"


  1. you should make the sequel for sure, you make great caps

  2. Sequel a must. Daddy's new GF could have a daughter that dresses like a boy. Future stepbrother/stepsister hook up.

  3. The thing between the teddy bear's legs is a red plastic candy cane. This is Courtney's CLEAN CAPS Courtney. BTW, did take this picture?

  4. Yes to a sequel! This "girl" might continue to push the envelope and start taking female hormones. Soon after that, it turns out Daddy's girlfriend has a son about the same age and the 2 young adults get so smitten and involved with each other that they forget about their respective parents' relationship.

  5. A sequel is DEFINITELY Needed


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