Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Repost: Twins

I was chatting with Mikayla on Skype the other night and she asked if I had ever done a cap with twins. For some reason.. Mikayla considers me a resource for fap material.

I thought I had posted this under the "Magical" Section but found it under Age Regression. This was an early cap I made for Terri on Rachel's Haven about 2 years ago. I'm reposting because it made me think about how my style has "evolved".

At the time, I focused on writing short story style caps. After receiving complaints, I made shorter ones. So which do you prefer? Longer caps like this or shorter, dialogue based ones?


  1. I'm more of fan of longer story ones!! :)

  2. Depends on the story itself. This one was great!!!!

  3. I like both kinds. This one is great!

  4. Less is more, these long narratives leave nothing to the imagination and are so contirved.


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